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Collective 2023-2024


Equipping and training church planters

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The Planter Project is a Restore Brazil and Atos 29 Brazil initiative.

The purpose of Projeto Plantador is to encourage church planting in Brazil for the glory of God.  Projeto Plantador is a collective of planters who are committed to church planting who plant new gospel-centered churches for the glory of God.

The collective was designed to provide a two year experience where relationships are formed, communities are built, churches are planted, men are trained, and God is glorified.  The collective will be formed from a selection process and will be limited by a specific number of participants.

Our proposal

The idea of Project Planter is to provide a training program for Church planters, for 12 to 24 months, based on the Restore Brasil meetings, combined with classes and guided studies organized in 4 modules, lasting 1 semester.


Collective Brands

Jeferson - projeto plantador.png

Jeferson Rodrigues

Baptist Congregation of Ponte
Aracaju - Sergipe

Married to Thays Rodrigues, parents of Sara Letícia and currently awaiting the arrival of their second child


Planting started just over a year ago, due to the need to establish healthy churches in Aracaju, which is the fourth least evangelized capital in the country. Taking advantage of the neighborhood's cultural emphases and contextualizing the gospel message, we now have 25 members, plus a good number of congregants and visitors.

We request prayers for the Lord to consolidate our membership and leadership, in addition, we pray that the Lord allows us to advance in our physical structure by expanding the space where we meet and having an annex for religious education.

Tarik Rodrigues

Church Viela
Novo Hamburgo - Rio Grande do Sul

Married for 10 years to Sol.

Father of 6 year old Benjamin.


I am a Baptist pastor planting a Reformed church in the least evangelized state of Brazil - Rio Grande do Sul. The plantation is new, less than 2 years old.


We are part of the Acts 29 network and by the grace of God we are growing every day.


Our biggest challenges are structural. Sound equipment, materials for the children's department, chairs, air conditioning...

Tarik - projeto plantador.png
Filipe - projeto plantador.png

Filipe Ribeiro

Natal Baptist Church
Natal - Rio Grande do Norte

Married to Tacyla Ribeiro, parents of Cecilia 4 years old, Tito 2 years old, Teodoro 1 year old.


The Lord has directed us to a Church planting project in the city of Natal/RN. This is a city in need of healthy, missional churches.


There, many brothers are thirsty to know more about the true Gospel and many people still need to surrender to Christ in repentance and faith. In September 2023 we will arrive in the field to start Bible studies, discipleship and base group. Until then, I will remain as an auxiliary pastor at Igreja Batista Betel de Mesquita/RJ - which is the mother/supervisor church of the project.


Prayer Requests:


• By the planter's family;

• For the brothers who will be part of the Base Group;

• For financial support;

• Through the steps to reach the field; 

• For acclimatization and accommodation in the city.

Paulo Neitzke

Baptist Church
Santa Rosa - Rio Grande do Sul

Hello, we are Paulo and Maíne. I am a pastor and now a church planter and she is an entrepreneur. We have been married for a short time, more specifically for 5 months and we are planting a church in Santa Rosa, in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul.


We started with a few weekday prayer and Bible study meetings last year and are now forming the base group to officially launch the church later this year God willing.


Pray for the formation of the base group; so that the Lord converts people and that they come to join us in the mission.

Paulo - projeto plantador.png
Sérgio Paulo - projeto plantador.png

Sérgio Paulo S. Neres

Presbyterian Congregation of Palmeiras
Palmeiras de Goiás - Goiás

Married to Larissa and Gabrielle's parents.

The Presbyterian Congregation of Palmeiras, in the city of Palmeiras de Goiás, had its plantation completed on February 23, 2020, a month before the pandemic. What seemed to be an impossible job to continue, due to the pandemic issue - we were closed for 8 months - the Lord was gracious. And with media work and occasional meetings, we grew by 17 people in the first year.

Today, we have 25 members, including children, young people and adults.

Prayer request:

1. Pray that the Word of the Lord will find a home in the hearts that hear it.

2. So that the people who are and who will come to church, have a deep Christian love, awe and commitment.

Felipe Madruga

Confessional Presbyterian Church 5
Estância Velha - Rio Grande do Sul

The Confessional 5 Presbyterian Church is located in the city of Estância Velha, in Rio Grande do Sul, the least evangelized state in the country.


We started a preaching point in April 2022, and have held services on Sundays ever since, in a room downtown. Our services currently have an average attendance of 16 people.

Reasons for prayer: planting family (Felipe, Jessica and Bastian) and spreading the Gospel in the city.

Felipe - projeto plantador.png
Michell - projeto plantador.png

Michell Teixeira

Pilar Presbyterian Church
Duque de Caxias - Rio de Janeiro

My wife Tairine Teixeira, our Daughter Michelly Teixeira with her sister Mirella Teixeira.

Our prayer request is for the Lord to send investors to the IP Pilar field, as we have many projects and few resources to carry out the projects. 

We arrived at Pilar Presbyterian Church in 2020, it was a congregation that was over 30 years old and was about to close with only about 4 members, we started from scratch, and when we were 3 months old, the pandemic came and we had to stop, on the way back we returned from scratch again , and with a lot of work and counting on the grace of God new lives were arriving , we were able to build the temple for 200 people and the Lord has been with us and has added more lives to our community and being part of the Plantador Project is a gift of the Lord because it has been very blessed for my life and for our Church!

Danilo Lourenço

Evangelical Christian Church Videira
Brasília - Federal District

We started this project in March 2022 as a Small Group of the Evangelical Christian Church Jardins, our mother church in the Jardim Botânico Region. 

We spent the whole of 2022 in homes and at the beginning of 2023 Pb Pedro and I, together with our families, were sent by ICE Jardins. 

We rented a small shop across from a major highway in the area, did some repairs, and held our first service on February 19th.

We have Sunday services at 10 am and two small groups during the week here in the region. Our intention is to have Sunday Bible School and Discipleship Groups in the second half of this year.

With God's grace, we have already helped another plantation in Santa Catarina and, if our Lord so wishes, we will participate in the planting of another church here in Brasilia in the coming years. God bless them so much! 

Danilo - projeto plantador.png
Luciano - projeto plantador.png

Luciano Marinho

Evangelical Christian Church
Sorriso - Mato Grosso

Júlia's husband, parents Victoria (8 years old) and Vicente (4 years old).


We are well and with the grace of the Lord living one day at a time. I'm doing graduate school and teaching at a college at night. My wife, on the other hand, is finishing her second degree, she has a degree in nursing and is finishing her pedagogy.


About the plantation: I've been planting the Evangelical Christian Church in Sorriso for over 2 years. We came without resources for the plantation and without having brothers or any base group. The 4 of us (my family) landed in this city to plant one more doctrinally correct church, and that's what we've done!

At that time we started at home and today we rent a hall for 63 people. We had 67 people last Sunday (2).


We have been meeting frequently for some months now, 50 people. The heart's desire and the church is engaging in prayer for a land. This is the request of the church!

Bruno Botelho

Church Actus 17
Cachoeira do Sul - Rio Grande do Sul

Married to Renata and Davi's father, I am also a Pastor/planter of Actus17 Church, a reformed, confessional and missional church, located in the city of Cachoeira do Sul, in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul.


Actus17 has 20 members, and our services are usually attended by 30-35 people.


Our first public service was on the 26/6/2022th, with that, soon the plantation will have its “birthday”.

Bruno - projeto plantador.png
Diego - projeto plantador.png

Diego da Silva

Christian Church of the Alliance in Guarulhos
Guarulhos - São Paulo 

Married to Yara and Alice's parents (8 years old)

Prayer requests:

For our church to remain faithful to God, in the face of all challenges;


May we be able to experience the church in a healthy way;

So that the Lord blesses our work.

Ricardo Rosa 

Grace Baptist Church
Nova Iguaçu - Rio de Janeiro

Married to Tatiane Pavão, parents of Arthur and Anna Júlia.


Prayer request:

May the Lord give us the blessing of being a faithful church in preaching the gospel in our region.

Ricardo - projeto plantador.png
Image by Patrick Fore

Pray for these families and congregations!

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